'Lobotomy' The Rock Opera (full show with Dialogue)

by Radius KInK

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This is a live performance of the Black Box Theatre production 'Lobotomy'.

Everything your hear (except for a guitar overdub in I Love People)
was recorded live.

Originally the concept for ‘Lobotomy’ sprang from an idea that Radius Kink had to do a live show in the classic rock style of The War of the Worlds by Jeff Wayne, Tommy by The Who, and The Wall by Pink Floyd.

Thus formed the Black Box Theatre production Lobotomy.

Choosing carefully from their most intimate collection of collaborative writing, Greg and Gary then spent some very soul-searching hours delving into what the lyrics of each song meant to each of them personally and then wrote the show according to the themes from their pasts which they shared and were the most poignant.

They brought in two other seasoned musicians: veteran drummer Deacon George, and keyboard powerhouse Emma ‘RhythEmz’ Gilbertson, to form the core live band required for the show. The band chose fellow musician and actor Sammy Jay Dawson to play the lead role in the show, giving life to the emotionally tortured character and wowing the audience with his stellar performance.

The show opens in a detention cell, where a nurse brings Sammy in, in a wheelchair with his head bandaged, in a strait-jacket sedated, yet clearly still very agitated. He perceives the audience as some kind of unwelcome counsellor, who has interrupted his solitude and is asking too many painful questions. Despite his annoyance he goes on to detail difficult moments throughout his life, which eventually paint a picture of why he has come to be in his current predicament.

In a constantly flowing montage of sight and sound Radius Kink supply their songs to assist in the telling of his story, tying the production together. A highlight of the show is when Sammy himself gets a chance to sing the penultimate number Contagious News - moving freely through the audience in a semi-crazed frenzy, just looking for one person to listen to his frightening rant.

As the finale of the show falls, the audience comes to the sudden horrific realisation of what solution the lonely anti-hero has found for himself to take away his painful memories. Not a moment for the faint- hearted...

We truly hope you enjoy listening and taking away your own insights from ‘Lobotomy.’ - Greg & Gary, Radius Kink, Autumn 2014


released June 11, 2014

Words and Music Gary Hendrikse and Greg Douglas.

Contagious News, Hendrikse & Goodinson
I Love People, Hendrikse & Goodinson.

Edited and mixed by. G Hendrikse.
Final mix and master by. Barnaby Coxon.

Engineered by. David Cooper.
Live Sound. Joseph Bennett.

Vocals. Gary Hendrikse and Greg Douglas.
Spoken segues. Sammy Jay Dawson.
Vocals on 'Contagious News'. Sammy Jay Dawson

Keys, Emma Gilbertson.
Drums, Deacon George.
Bass, Greg Douglas.
Guitar, Gary Hendrikse

Lights. David Saunders.
Assistant. Clarissa Chai
MC. Darren Pickering.
Film. Angus Graves.

Keyboards - Emma Gilbertson:
Inspired by hip-hop, soul, jazz, dub and reggae. Well known for working as Musical Director at South Hornby School and managing her teaching business RhythEmz Music Studios. At present, she is in the process of organizing a nationwide tour, EP and single release with Christchurch reggae band One Six. (www.facebook.com/OneSixTheBand)

Drums - Deacon George:
a passionate drummer for over 10 years from Mt Maunganui, NZ. In 2013, he and his family relocated Christchurch to help with the post-earthquake rebuild. His musical influences include Hip Hop, R&B, Heavy Metal and Ska.

Bass/Vocals - Greg Douglas:
One half of Radius Kink, Greg has enjoyed immensely the creative process of constructing first the songs and then the recording and production of them in the studio. He considers the collaboration of kindred musical minds to be one of the most intimate and valuable human connections.

Guitar/Vocals - Gary Hendrikse:
The other half of Radius Kink, a dedicated musician, songwriter and producer in his own right, he has remained the driving force in keeping the Radius Kink legacy alive through its rocky history. An avid experimentalist, he loves to learn new musical techniques and has an impressive collection of both mixing and performance equipment. Many of the vocal effects used in this unique production are of Gary’s own design.



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Radius KInK Christchurch, New Zealand

Radius Kink formed in 2006 with music created by a collective of musicians around the world.
Rooted in music as far back as the fifties and sixties. Radius Kink’s Albums are influenced by David Bowie, Neil Young, Queen, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, and Patti Smith.
The musical history of this team spans the last three decades with their current collaboration stronger and tighter than ever.
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Track Name: Glass House
glass house

i live in a glass house for my own safety
its spacious and comfortable and it just suits me
the stones that i have are smooth and fast
i throw them at people as they walk past
my family cant get in - not even my wife
but that dont bother me - theyre not here for life

tinted so dark that no one sees me
sunrays break in when i take out the key
so dont look too close as you walk on past
i know how to aim and the pain will last
i dont care if they want to retaliate
‘cos the glass i use is strictly bulletproof plate

dont try to touch me
its not as easy as you think it is
dont try to touch me
its not as easy as you think
dont try to judge me
its not as easy as you think it is
dont try to judge me
its not as easy as you think

theres buildings and vaults and submarines and
creatures that hide in their shells in the sand
jumping on fringes of life so surreal
nothing to covet and nothing to steal
bleeding and sad its all the same to me
glass house anaesthesia, im painfree

my message is clear and you’ll catch on real fast
i call what i see and i catch with each cast
so dont waste my time and call me a liar
i speak only truth and it burns like greek fire
how do you tell whats hidden from life and light?
a good man keeps his enemies in plain sight
Track Name: Present Past To Be
the present is the past to be

you have purchased my life
i have hurt for no cause
they were silent all those days
see the wrong that was done to me

the true are loving sometimes
but they kill those close you see
you can run
and I can hide
and live vicariously

should I scrape you off my shoe?
did you buy a ticket for the ride?
is there more that you can do
to make sure everyone is on your side?
do you live for the now?
or live in the now?
do you know how?
i dont know how

i can see that youre confused by everything I say
but thats the best that I can do
its one time at a day
im amazed that you still choose
to live your life this way
you can ride on my shoe but dont forget to pay

i go back and forth
in lifes rocking chair
this takes all my energy
but I still go nowhere

this has got to stop
but what more can I do?
make amends
and scrap you off my shoe
Track Name: Kerouac Child
kerouac child

she was living the miracle
largely denied
blind to the inevitable
her god on her side
her one-life stand
her hands werent tied
we all stood and watched
her brain being fried
her brain being fried
her brain being fried

shes the kerouac child
mad to live
mad to talk
mad to slave
she never learns but she burn burn burns
a fiery flame
shes guiding the blind

her life was unholy
she lived in her grave
one divine loser
a corpus christi save
a corpus christi save
a corpus christi save

hey mum where ya been?
on montmartre hill?
the sacred heart sin?
your dissolution with contempt
engrossed in your in bones
youre waiting
youre waiting
youre waiting
Track Name: Intro to 'Last Line'
No. You can’t just shake that stuff loose when you leave home. It… scars you. I feel like I love my family and at the same time I just wanna drill them outa my brain…
Track Name: Last Line
my last line

the dust
the dust

the sky is cream
and the ground is salt
my life is peppered
is full of tumult
im living on starving sidewalks
im sleeping in stagnant sickbeds
i needed enthusiasm
only losers win
i love my life when theres nothing else to love
where do I begin?

here for a lifetime
not a long time
feel the sting of lime
hear those church bells chime
this is my last line...

the dust
the dust

just like the earl of greystoke
im learning a brand new way
and like the cathar treasure
you are lost to me
i needed enthusiasm
but where do I begin?
i love my wife when theres nothing else to love
where do I begin?

the dust
the dust
Track Name: Hair Of The Beard Of The Prophet
a hair of the beard of the prophet

heart to heart
whole heart
sick mankind
have a heart

a heart of gold
deceit on its tongue
the heart of your mouth
poison on its lips
venom in its words

mankind is your god
heart and mind
your heartbreak
your heartbreak
your heartbreak
will be perfect

your heart will sink
your heart will sink
your heart will sink
in its grave

living on
living on
living on
in faiths grave
in faiths grave

you have the knowledge
you have the knowledge
you share the knowledge
he will rescue us
he has rescued us
he will rescue us

my moral sickness
my heart of stone
my heart of stone

i have a hair i have a hair
a hair of the prophet
of the prophet’s beard

(A living dog is better off than a dying lion)
Track Name: I Love People
i love people

i love people
but i cant get away from human nature
its their pettiness and insecurities
that ruin it for me

why are we so dishonest to ourselves?
what is the point?
you only deceive yourself
to most of us transparent like a piece of glass
sometimes opaque
they can still see the shadows moving behind

but i choose to ignore it
in the end it comes clear
just like looking through a window
its just like looking through a window

and i see i fooled myself
it was always there
but i ignored it
i chose not to look
i am fooled again

i love people
but i cant get away from human nature
its their pettiness and insecurities
that always
ruin it for me

i love people
not human nature
i love people
not human nature
i love people
not human nature
i love people
not human nature
i love people
Track Name: Contagious News
contagious news

im not xenophobic or anything ‘phobic’
im more ‘chondriac’ than the hyper
maybe im hypo ive heard of that before
aching muscles
is that swine or meningitis?
could be the workout i did - big weights

whys this on the news anyway?

have i got a rash?
ive had a rash for years
everybody gets a rash... dont they?

hong kong - spanish - asian
they all sound xenophobic
is this gonna help?
what about a b c flu?
they do that for hepatitis

it was on the year before
and the year before that
and the year before that
and the year before that
its been going on for a long long time
Track Name: Pi (Lobotomy)

i perform my own lobotomy
kill the feelings that are plaguing me
with my drill and my 5ml bit
i know you watch me constantly
dont want me to damage me
with my drill and my 5ml bit

just like those before me
mortensen and kennedy
some were forced voluntarily

it’s a personal dichotomy
to desire emotional poverty
to climb anxietys pit
I perform my own lobotomy
kill the feelings that are plaguing me
with my drill and my 5ml bit

you think im mad i can see
destroy my self mentally
but you dont know the half of it
i perform my own lobotomy
as you take a sip of your green tea
with my drill and my 5ml bit